We are grateful for your prayers and financial support during the second wave of the pandemic! We would like to share a quick summary of the COVID relief services were were able to render to many people and the impact it has created in communities.

Family Welfare Fund – ICU Care and More

People suffering with COVID saw alarming rise in their hospitalization costs resulting in some dipping into poverty. We were able to help and support 60 families to help them meet the expenses. . We saw the early potential of this idea when gifts cover costly Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fees saved many lives. We were able to help more than 25 families to cover critical care and medical expenses. .

Oxygen Concentrators and Hospital Partnerships

We were able to distribute 122 oxygen concentrators and pulse oximeters across different states of India. These give us the strong option for home health care when hospital access is not available or is very distant. Combined with telemedicine services being provided by doctors , we can now serve families in remote areas who cannot easily access hospital care or continue the care for patients when they return home from a hospital.

Pastor Jassi John in Punjab shared his story: “My father died of COVID in April, and recently my mother became ill and was hospitalized for six days. She is now home but still needing oxygen support to maintain her saturation levels. We thank God for Operation Agape for providing an oxygen concentrator!”

In addition to helping to strengthen the oxygen resources at Kachhwa Christian Hospital in Utta Pradesh, a wonderful partner in Germany provided 11 hospital grade ventilators for Christian hospitals across North India. We were able to assist in covering the customs costs to speed hospital access to these resources.

Care for Widow

Through small gifts , we have created another essential safety net for up to 40 widows who have lost their primary income provider to COVID. Until today more than ten widows have received support with others pending.

Food Program

Job losses are creating serious challenges for families. For a sum of weeks of dry goods provisions, an essential lifeline in many family situations. To-date nearly 200 families have received food packets. We are on track to have served more than 1,000 families by June 25. Your gifts will make it possible to serve as many as 2,000 families in the coming months.