Who We Are

Prayer can move mountains and transform lives, families, communities and nations. God inspired, Rev C. George and Rev Sam C. Samuel to meet in the early hours of the morining to seek His face for the restoration of peace in the state of Punjab . This resulted in the birth of Operation Agape on the eve of Christmas in 1988 in the city of Ludhiana, Punjab. It was at a time when the state was going through a reign of ethnic violence and unrest. From this initial prayer movement grew movements of movements, OA with the aim to serve the people of India.



Our Mission

Operation Agape exists to fulfill the Great Commission and to practice the Great Commandment by showing mercy and love to those in need.

Our mission is to see India as a strong country whose citizens are committed to serve one another and build each other up through community impacting services. Understanding the huge responsibility, OA seeks to Engage Equip Empower & Establish. We serve the nation through medical camps, medical schools, medical institute, live projects, research projects, and establishing health care centres, empowering women and equipping people from every strata of the society with good education, commendable health care and opportunities to explore their talent and creativity.